Innovation is a wide concept of exploring, creating, changing and adopting. With the pace of change and development seen within Malaysia, the ASEAN region and globally, there is an increasing pressure for industry professionals to meet the demands for better and faster. This in return requires the knowledge of the latest and current, which the conference will explore




The resilience design institute defines resilience as the capacity to adapt to changing conditions and to maintain or regain functionality and vitality in the face of stress or disturbance. It is the capacity to bounce back after a disturbance or interruption. With this term in mind, the conference will explore advancements in concrete engineering and technology with regards to use of concrete in resilient design in construction, focusing in particular on sustainability, safety and durability


Who should attend

Gathering of concrete industry professionals from the region and across the globe

This conference gathers concrete industry professionals from the region and across the globe, those in research, design, planning, project, construction and maintenance. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about advances in the concrete industry and expand their network beyond their immediate environment